Call Activity Monitoring and Call History Logging

Posted by Andy on April 1, 2009

The Cisco Unified CME GUI provides call history table information so that a network administrator can monitor the call history information for unknown callers and use this information to disallow calling activities based on select calling patterns. The call history log should be configured to perform forensics and accounting and allow the administrator to track down fraudulent calling patterns. Configure the following commands to log call activity and call history:

dial-control-mib retain-timer 10080
dial-control-mib max-size 500
gw-accounting syslog


%VOIPAAA-5-VOIP_CALL_HISTORY: CallLegType 1, ConnectionId D3F36CC5 1E0D11DE 8BB78A89 A8F80E94, SetupTime 12:06:00.888 EST Wed Apr 1 2009, PeerAddress 18883621425, PeerSubAddress , DisconnectCause 10 , DisconnectText normal call clearing (16), ConnectTime 12:06:23.928 EST Wed Apr 1 2009, DisconnectTime 12:06:40.888 EST Wed Apr 1 2009, CallOrigin 1, ChargedUnits 0, InfoType 2, TransmitPackets 1909, TransmitBytes 38180, ReceivePackets 1907, ReceiveBytes 38140


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